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Game Controls 2 

Introduction 3 

Main Menu 3 

Prologue 4 

Characters 6 

Human Alliance 6 

Dark Legion 8 

World Map 10 

Game Basics 12 

Movement/Tactics Mode 12 

Basic Controls for 

Movement/Tactics Mode 14 

Battle Mode 16 

World Map 21 

Briefing 21 

Saving and Loading the Game 21 

Leader 22 

Officer 23 

Troops 24 

Units 25 

Skills 28 

Equipment 28 

Xhox Live 29 

Credits 31 

Warranty 32 

Technical Support 33 

Game Controls 

Action Mode 

O (Hold) + O Set waypoints 
(up to 8) on Mini map 

D (Hold) Mini map 

O or O +© Special Attack 

' © Special move (for example, 
counterattack or evade) 

■ O or O Normal attack 

■ # or O Use officer's ability 

■ ® Change camera view 

® Use abilities, and call for support troops 
© Move 
O Pause /Menu 
O Mini-map 

Tactics Mo 



Control camera 

Castle/Base Mode 




Move the cursor 


Change selected troop 


Confirm / Cancel 






Use abilities, and call 


Pause / Menu 

for support troops 

World Map Mode 

© or ® Move the cursor 
O / © Confirm / Cancel 
O Pause / Menu 
D (Hold) Mini map 

D (Hold)+© 
O + D+O 




Zoom in/ out Mini-map 
Set v^aypoints (up to 8) 
Change view^ 
Move all troops at once 
Confirm action 
Cancel action; stop 

• orO 

Change troop formation 


Main Menu 

Press O at the Title screen to access the Main Menu and the 
following options: 

Single Player 

• New Game 

Begin a new game. You can choose to play Ellen, Walter or 
Leinhart when you start a new game. Rupert, Morene, Cirith and 
Urukubarr can be selected after completing the three previous 

• Continue 

Load a previously saved game. 

• Custom Game 

Select to create a custom game. 

Multi Player 

• Xhox Live 

Connect to Xbox Live®. There are three different Live modes 
available in Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes. For more details, please 
refer to the Xbox Live section on page 29 of this manual. 

• ZiVe Options 

Manage your Xbox Live account and Friends List. 

• Sign Out 

Sign out of Xbox Live. 


Adjust options, such as vibration, volume controls, etc. 


View credits. 


First War of Heroes — Xok^s Knights 

Legend holds that when war threatens Bersia with destruction, seven 
knights will appear to bring salvation. 

The legend came true when the mysterious Khiliani, leader of the 
Dark Legion, took the eastern Hexter of Bersia in his campaign 
to destroy the world. Seven heroes, led by Keiser, rose up against 
Khiliani to rally for humanity and defend Bersia. 

The battle turned when a fallen hero. Rick Miner, was resurrected 
through the immortal power of the Ancient Heart. Together with 
the rest of Xok's Knights, he defeated Khiliani at the Altar of 

This was the First War of Heroes, now known as "Xok's Knights." 

Second War of Heroes 

Rumors linger long after the end of the Second War of Heroes. What 
transpired between Neeble and the Ancient Heart? Did all of the 
war's participants truly vanish? 

Mists. Legends. Echoes of good and evil. No clear record of this 
war remains. Nevertheless, the site of its final battle — the Altar of 
Destruction — now is considered holy ground. 

Beginning of Chaos 

5 years before the Encablossa War, 

A group of Half Vampires, led by Valdemar, united Dark Elves 
who had been divided into tens of city states at war, and established 
Vellond Kingdom. Vellond was the first united Dark Elf nation in the 
history of Bersia continent, yet the only one that was not ruled by 
Dark Elves themselves. 

King Valdemar was well aware of the fact that the oppressed Dark 
Elves will rebel soon, unless they were distracted by a bigger conflict. 
Aiming to expand its territory and control the residents, Vellond 
invaded Arein and tried to annex Hexter, a land of Ores and Ogres. 

At the time Arein was an autonomous state ruled by Elves, making 
the perfect outlet for the frustration and animosity of the Dark Elves 
who despised the Elves. 


On the other hand, around 30 tribes of Ores and Ogres had existed 
in peace and harmony in Hexter before the Appeasement Policy of 
Vellond. Vellond chose a Hexter tribe that had the biggest political 
ambition but not enough strength, then started supporting it with 
military supplies. As expected, the tribe started absorbing the smaller 
tribes in Eastern Hexter, and soon Hexter was divided into pro- 
Vellond and anti- Vellond tribes who fought a bitter civil war. 

One day, an army of unknown origin raided a small human village 
near the Hexter-Hironeiden border and slaughtered all the civilians. 
This event destroyed the precarious balance of power between Dark 
Legion and Human Alliance, and a full-scale warfare ensued. 

The Chaos not only just ruined Vellond's plan, but also - intended or 
not - became the trigger for the Encablossa War which put the entire 
Bersia continent at peril. 


Human Alliance 


Main Weapon: Two-Handed War Hammer 

Hironeiden Crusaders had been defeated 
by Regnier and retreated back to its 
Capital. To overcome the crisis, King 
of Hironeiden decides to dispatch a 
messenger to ask for foreign support. 

From the continuing war, Hironeiden 
Army was suffering from a shorage 
of officers and there was no one to 
escort this messenger. Although 
many opposed against the idea, there 
was no one else to carry out the critical 
task but Rupert, Will Rupert complete 
his mission and turn the table over for 


Main Weapons: Blade 

Five years before the Encablossa War. With 
ambitious plans to expand its territory, 
Vellond Kingdom had invaded Arein, a 
municipal province of Elves. With supports 
from Hironeiden Kingdom, Arein was barely 
surviving, and its fall was only a matter of 
time. Trying to siege this opportunity, Ecclesia 
Kingdom plans to annex Arein. Ellen, an 
Ecclesian Army Captain, is to deliver the first 
message from Ecclesia to Arein. 




Main Weapon: Iron Mace, Shield 

Walter received an oracle from God to 
destroy Ancient Heart. Although he 
wished to fulfill the oracle by all means 
possible, the biggest obstacle appeared from 
the most unexpected place. 

Walter was tested from the root of his faith, 
but overcame everything to reach his goal 
in the end. However, what the conclusion 
brought to him was. . . 

Dark Legion 


Main Weapon: Katar 

Cirith had always succeeded in her 
missions by fooHng others with her disguise as 
an air-headed girl. But her last mission to steal 
Ancient Heart from Rithrin had failed, and she 
ends up fleeing to Dyesa's force where her younger 
sister Nachmir is. 

She receives an order from the mainland to 
steal Ancient Heart from the Patriarch, but she 
continually faces deadly trials and fatal accidents. 
And slowly at last, Cirith comes to realize who 
her real enemy is... 

Morene Strident 

Main Weapons: Bone Blade 

Her Half- Vampire genes gave indescribable 
beauty, but Morene can take lives without a 
blink. Seeing how she is expressionless while 

tearing off the enemy's limb makes everyone 

shudder, but she just continues to kill without 

any emotion. 


Dispatched to Lucretia's Border Guard 
as an Inspector to watch over Kaedes, an 
underground resistance of Dark Elves, Morene 
chased after the Patriarch to take Ancient 
Heart away from his hands. However, after 
several failures she had to return to Vellond 
with King Valdemar. . . 


Main Weapon: Bare Hand 

Hexter, a primitive land of simple, 
but straight forward and strong 

The strongest and wisest 
Chieftain out of all 
the tribes on this land, 
Urukubarr is a guardian 
of Dragon's Tomb, where 
the souls of Hexter heroes are 
resting in peace. 

However, the ambitious Vellond 
Kingdom tries to annex Hexter, 
which has been peaceful for a 
short while after the First War 
of Heroes... 


Main Weapon: Long Sword 

Each nation in Bersia had quickly reconstructed 
herself to enter a stable condition, and started 
looking for a chance to display their expanding 
military power. Meanwhile, Valdemar, the 
ambitious Vampire Lord of Eastern Bersia, 
announces himself as the King of Vellond and 
conquered the entire Vellond to put Dark Elves 
and all the other Vampire Lords under his rule. 
As Vellond Kingdom established stability. King 
Valdemar turned his eyes to Hexter, which has 
a vast land and huge labor force. Instead of 
using military force, Valdemar broke up Ore 
tribes, then absorbed them one by one. His 
policy was called Appeasement of Hexter.' 
King Valdemar appointed his son. Prince 
Leinhart, as Appeasement Inspector, and 
dispatched him to Hexter. 

ic^wftAsm^ ^icp 


::Ld9 ^lu^g B^EhL 

World Map 


The current patriarch of 

Ecclesia is Dimitri the Third, 

whose rehgious ideology 

dictates the "Extermination 

of unconvertible barbarians 

and unification of Bersian 

Continent under one faith." 

Dimitri had taken over Azilla 

as a tributary nation while 

Azilla was in chaos over the 

king's throne. He considers 

the Ancient Heart to be a 

devil's artifact and will excommunicate anyone who speaks of or 

attempts to learn about it. 


Azilla fell into chaos after King Curian disappeared following the 
Second War of Heroes. Azilla was annexed by Ecclesia years later. Its 
current king, Angelo, is merely a figurehead controlled by Dimitri the 


Hironeiden currently is ruled by King Saul. Though this nation 
generally follows the principles of the Ecclesian church, the constant 
conflict with the Dark Legion has created some doctrinal deviations. 
In general, the people of Hironeiden consider the Ecclesians a bunch 
of religious idealists who don't need to fight for their survival. 



Vellond's current king, Valdemar, is a half- Vampire just like Richter. 
He somehow managed to unify the ever-conflicting nations of Dark 
Elves, Ores, and Ogres. But, it's an uneasy unity. The Dark Elves seek 
an opportunity to replace the half- Vampire king, who in their opinion 
belongs to an inferior race. To prevent this, Valdemar has placed half- 
Vampire supervisors to watch over the Dark Elves. 


Hexter is a commonwealth of Vellond, ruled by Regnier, whose 
primary residents are Ores and Ogres. Some wonder why Regnier 
doesn't try to overthrow Valdemar, as he has ability to defeat Ores 
and Ogres. Regnier remains open to this idea, but for now he has 
Valdemar's courtesy and trust. 


Game Basics 

Movement/Tactics Mode 

Additional Information 

More information is 
shown depending on the 

Hit Points (HP) 

Represents the Hit Points 
of alHed troops. The 
selected troop is enlarged. 

Skill Points (SP) 

Skill Points can be earned by 
landing successful attacks and 
are needed for using abilities. 


A pillar of light indicates a 
tip of the cursor. Move the 
cursor to desired location, 
and press O to move 

Mini Map 

Green: Player- 
controlled Allies 
Red: Enemies 
Blue: Computer- 
controlled Allies 

Direction of Troops 

Direction in v^hich to 
find allied or enemy 

Target Information 

Displays identity and 
remaining HP of the 
targeted troop. 



Basic controls for the 
MovemenVTactics Mode. 


Move the cursor to the desired location with . Press O to move the 
selected troop to the location. It works the same way with the mini 
map on. 

Looking Around 

Use ® to look around. Click ® to change the camera view. 

Selecting Other Troops 

Pull O or O to cycle through available troops. 


A battle will start automatically as the distance between your troop 
and enemy troop narrows. 

Using the Mini Map 

You can enlarge the mini map by pulling and 
holding D or by pressing O . Repeat to reset the 
mini map to its normal size. The mini map shows 
the following: 

• A circle around the troop represents its 
attacking range. A yellow flag shows selected 
troop (1). 

• A green dot represents your Allies. 
A red dot represents your Enemies (2). 

• Traps, which can be detected by Scouts and Sappers (3). 

• Explored area (4). 

• Unexplored area (5). 


Using Ability 

You can select and use abilities with ® . A certain amount of Skill 
Points is needed to use each ability. 

The following table shows the different kinds of abilities: 





Meteor, Lightning 

Directs magic damage 


Cure, Curatio 

Heals ally troops 


Elemental boosts 

Boosts status temporarily 



Creates fast-moving Scout 


Sends Ghoul to do a self- 
destructing attack 

Call support 

Calls for aerial-unit support 

Using a Waypoint 

To set a waypoint, press O while holding i 
D . You can set up to eight waypoints. 


Status Change Depending on a Formation 

You can change the formation of a selected troop by pressing O or • . 
O for a wider formation, and • for a tighter formation. 








Increase defensive and offensive pov^er 
Decrease moving speed 


Decrease defensive and offensive pov^er 
Increase moving speed 

attack troop 


Narrow attack area 


Wide attack area 


Battle Mode 

Hit Points (HP) 

Represents the Hit Points 
of allied troops. A red 
sword indicates that the 
troop is in a battle. 

Enemy Leader 

The Enemy Leader is 
highlighted by a red 
circle and Hit Points 

Enemy Hit Points 

Represents the Hit Points 
of the enemy troop. 


The green bar represents 
the Hit Points of the 
Hero. The Hero gets 
knocked down if the Hit 
Points are depleted. 


Skill Points (SP) 

Skill Points can be earned by 
landing successful attacks and 
are needed for using abilities. 

Basic Battle System 

Battles start automatically when the distance between your troops and 
enemy troops narrows. During battle, a troop's Hit Points decrease 
at a specific rate — and the type of units involved affects the rate of 
attack and damage sustained. Make sure to consider how the unit 
types match up against each other for effective battle. 

The Hero's Troop 

When the Hero's troop makes contact with enemies, Battle Mode 
starts. At this point, you can directly control the Hero and fight 
enemy soldiers. Although the Hero is not invincible, this does provide 
a significant advantage. Try to attack the enemy troop's leader first — 
if you kill him/her, it wipes out the entire enemy troop. 

Calling For Support 

While engaged in battle, a troop cannot use any spells or abilities. In 
particularly dangerous situations, you can summon your Officers for 
help by pushing O or • . 

At the Base/Castle 

You will visit the base/castle frequently throughout the story. This is 
where you can obtain game information, manage your troops, and 
learn about key story events. Press O to see Help messages anywhere 
in the base/castle. 

As the game 
progresses, you will 
have the opportunity 
to visit many other 


When in the base/ 

castle, you can see 

how the main story 

progresses by visiting Operations. 

Learning Game Information 

You can learn basic information about the game at the training center. 
Check out the Tutorials to learn about movements and tactics. You 
also can press O anywhere to access a detailed Help message. 


You can strengthen 

your troops at 

the Barracks by 

spending money and 

Experience Points. There, you can purchase equipment, learn new 

skills, and change jobs. 

Use O to cycle through Hero, Officer, and troop options. Then, press 
O to bring up the related submenus. 

Leader/ Officer 

• Skill - Learn new skills, or level up existing ones. 

• Equipment - Purchase and equip weapons, armors, and items. 

• Ability - List abilities for selected Leader/ Officer. 


• Select Officer - Replace current Officer. 


• Job - Change the job of selected troop. 

• Equipment - Purchase and equip weapons, armors, and items. 

• Resistance - List resistance rates for various attacks. 


World Map 

As you leave your 
base or battlefield, 
the world map 
screen appears. You 
can move to each 
node connected with 
dotted line. 

If a destination you choose is a battlefield, the screen will change to 
display an associated briefing. 


The briefing 
provides details 
about the upcoming 
mission and lets you 
choose which troops 
will participate. 


*™^«- 1 


^J^Mm * tw^-^m • M^nmim^ 4 vme m 


Saving and Loading the Game 

You save or load the game while on the world map. 



The Leader is an extremely important role in the game. The growth 
of the Leader can decide the growth of the troop. The greater the 
Leader, the more powerful his troops. 

If the Leader's Hit Points falls to zero, not only does the Leader die, 
but it also means the troop's complete destruction. The only troop 
unit member that can kill the Leader is the Hero. 

When your hero runs out of stamina, it doesn't destroy your troop. 
It merely disadvantages you as you're unable to control your troop 
for a limited amount of time and your troop will not get any attack 
bonuses during that time. 

Growing and Strengthening the Leader 

As you complete each stage of the game, you automatically acquire 
experience and war funds that you can spend at the Barracks on the 

main base. 

By purchasing weapons, armor, and 
accessories, you strengthen your 
Leader. Note: When purchasing 
equipment, you 
must already 
have attained 
the required skill 
\^f levels. 


An Officer supports the Hero during a battle and determines the 
troop's defense rate 

Using the Officer Effectively 

When the Hero requests help from an Officer for a battle, they attack 
either the enemies around the Hero or those whom the Hero is 
attacking currently. 

Officers have two types of abilities: offensive abilities and magical 
abilities. Each ability type differs in the units affected and the damage 
produced. Therefore, make sure to use the appropriate kind of ability 
for each situation. 

Officers and Troop Abilities 

The skill mastery of the Officer doesn't influence the ability of the 
troop. The troop's ability is influenced by equipment, elemental boost, 
and resistance. 

Growing and Strengthening Officers 

Just as with Heroes, you can buy equipment and get skill training for 
Officers at the Barracks. By increasing an Officer's skill mastery, you 
can increase the Officer's attack rate in that skill. (You can learn about 
each skill at the Barracks.) 


After training to master a certain skill, the Officer can learn special 



All actions on the battlefield revolve around troops. The number 
of soldiers in the troop depends on the job to v^hich that troop is 
assigned. The level of the troop depends on the level of its Hero or 
Leader. When the skill of the troop reaches a certain level, you can 
change its job. Job-change requirements are listed at the Barracks. 
Note: The Hero's troop can only change into melee-related jobs. 

Things That Affect Troop Status 

As the Hero's level affects a troop's status, so do the follov^ing: 





Skill mastery 


Added skill bonuses on 
an item 

Increasing effect of given skill 

Added resistance bonuses 
on an item 

Increasing resistance 


Added elemental bonuses 
on an item 

Increasing effect of given 

Added elemental-resistance 
bonuses on an item 

Increasing elemental resistance 






Archers are basic ranged-attack units for Human side. 
Aside from its normal attack, Fire ArroMr and Direct 
Arrov^ can be used. An Archer unit can change into 
Longbowmen then Mortar. 


Cavalry is a unit to fear v^hen you meet it head 
on. If the enemy does not have a frontal-attack 
unit (i.e. Spearmen, Axemen) on their side, 
consider the battle over. 


Sapper has various special abilities, such as setting 
traps and opening watergates. Although its melee 
ability is next to nothing, it is one of the most 
strategically important unit. 


Paladins have a perfect balance of melee attack and 
healing ability. The importance of this unit increases 
even more in later missions. 

Storm Rider 

Aerial units cannot be controlled directly, but 
v^hen called on for support to a desired area they 
v^ill attack automatically. Storm Riders are very 
effective against enemy aerial units, but vulnerable 
against ranged-attack units. 


Dark Legion 

Cavalry Archer 

Cavalry Archer is unique to Dark Elves. It can 
move and attack simultaneously with great 


Ore Ghoul is unique to Ores and Undeads. 
Aside from its melee attacks, the self-destruct 
attack can be devastating against tightly formed 
enemy troops. 


Huge Scorpions are trained to be a siege 
weapon. They are effective against enemy melee 
attackers, but very weak against fire attacks. 


Swamp Mammoths are considered as the 
ultimate ground unit by both Humans 
Alliance and Dark Legion. One step forward 
could mean certain deaths for many soldiers. 

Black Wyvern 

Black Wyverns are Dark Legion's counterpart 
of Storm Rider. They spew out poisonous 
gas to attack enemies and have slightly better 
ground attack ability than Storm Riders. 



Ice Maiden 

Ice elemental. Weak against Fire spells. Strong 
against Melee. When attacking these nimble 
creatures. Heroes need to carefully time their 
move. Can cast 'Blizzard'. 

Flame Wraith 

Fire elemental. Weak against Ice spells. 
Strong against Melee. They possess enermous 
stamina. Can cast 'Meteor'. 

Earth Golem 

Earth elemental. Weak against Lightning 
spells. Strong against Melee. Legend says 
that only a 'strong' attack from a Hero can 
damage its heart. Can cast 'Vine'. 

Thunder Rhino 

Thunder elemental. Weak against Earth 
spells. Strong against Melee. One must find 
its weak spot to deal any damage. Can cast 



Every officer gets one skill as a default, and up to four skills can 
be learned. Skills can be increased by spending Experience Points. 
Increasing skill mastery can strengthen the Officer and his/her troops 
simultaneously. Reaching a certain point in Skill mastery can give an 
extra Ability to the Officer, or able the troops to change their job. 


Equipment categories include 

v^eapons, armors, and accessories. 

Your Hero and troop must reach certain 

levels for different items, as each item has 

equipment limitations. In general, you cannot 

equip overly pov^erful items compared to your level, as equipments 

that fit your level v^ill be the most effective ones. 


Xbox Live 

Take Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes 
Beyond the Box 

Xbox Live is a high-speed or broadband Internet gaming community 
Mrhere you can create a permanent gamer identity, set up a Friends list 
v^ith other players, see when they're online, invite them to play, and 
talk to them in real-time as you play. 

You can play matches with other players around the world. New 
contents — maps and missions — will become available periodically. 
Choose Xbox Live on the Main Menu to connect. 


Before you can play Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes online, you must 
connect your Xbox console to a high-speed or broadband Internet 
connection and sign up for the Xbox Live service. To determine 
if Xbox Live is available in your region and for information about 
connecting to Xbox Live, see and select 
your country. 

Xbox Live Menu 

Through Xbox Live Menu, you can access exciting head-to-head and 
cooperative gameplay modes online. 

For any Live match, you can choose to join as a Spectator to watch 
other players during online games. It's a great way to learn new tactics 
and strategies. 

Hero Battle Mode (3 vs 3) 

This quick in-and-out multiplayer mode allows you to pick your 
favorite Hero and dive into a battle with up to five other players. The 
outcome will be updated in real time on your online Ranking and 
Scoreboard. There are 2 different types of Hero Battle modes; 

• Hero Battle Mode (3 vs 3): Player will choose one Hero and then 
only be using the Hero's ability for the battle. The number of re- 
spawn is set by player and up to 6 players can enjoy the battle. 

• Invasion Mode (3 vs AI Enemies): Your goal is to protect your 
castle from endless waves of AI enemies trying to break in. 
How many enemies you kill and how long you remain alive will 
determine overall score and rank. 


Troop Battle Mode (3 vs 3) 

You'll start with your Hero, three infantry units, one archer, and one 
aerial support unit. Once you're ready, jump right into an all-out 
battle for supremacy. After each battle, upgrade your Hero and troops 
with the Experience Points and Gold you earned. 

• Friendly Match: The outcome of the battle does not affect your 
online Ranking or Scoreboard. But you can choose your allies 
and opponents in this mode. Gain Experience Points by defeating 
other players, which you can use to train and equip your troops and 
prepare for Ladder Match Mode. 

• Ladder Match: The outcome of the battle affects your online 
Ranking and Scoreboard. And you cannot choose your ally or 
your opponent in this mode. You cannot earn Experience Points in 
Ladder Matches. 


Check your score /rank, manage friends list, and change game 

Downloading Content 

If you are an Xbox Live subscriber, you can download the very latest 
content, such as new maps and missions, to your Xbox console. 

Ranking System 

Your stats (wins /losses) get recorded and ranked accordingly. Use 
your best troops and tactics to reach the top ranking levels. 



Lead Programmer 

Jonghwan Kim 

Hong Park 
Kihyun Jang 
Additional Programmers 

Jiesang Song 
Level Design 

Keen Kim 

Yangsam O 

Jaewon Shin 

Yungtae Jung 

Taekyung Lee 

Yunjae Cho 

Original Music Score by 
Studio NSquare 

String Music Performed by 

Myungjong Kim 

Recording Engineer: 
Sangchul Yun 

Recording Assistant: 
Insung Kim 

Recorded at Studio Vibe 
Stage Theme Music 

Sound Director 

Hongwon Yoon 
Additional Graphic 

Sein Lee 

Jinmin Kim 

Jiwoong Han 

Kyungsoon Kang 

Yongjun Jang 

Jungsic Park 

Jaesuk Kim 
Voice Recording 

Blindlight studio 
QA Team 

Hyungkeun 'Seal' Kim 

Sangwoo Yoo 

Yoonho 'NePHiliM IBLIS' 

Seungjoon Lee 

Wonsun 'Beelzebub' Zang 

Jaehyuk 'MicroControl' Cho 

Changkyu Kang 

Daigun 'Valkyrie Profile' 

Hwijae Shin 

Hyunseok 'Yuz' O 

Executive Board 

Sejung Kim - 
Blueside Studios 

Sangyoun Lee - 
Vice President 

Seong D. Kim 

Taeyoun Yoo 

Gilho Lee 

Daniel E.J. Koo 

Yongho Yoe 
INTL' Business Development 
Vice President 

Seong D. Kim 
Project Manager 

Dee Lee 
Region Manager 

Soonmi Lee 

Miseon Kim 

Jay Eom 
Assistant region manager 

Justin Doh 
Special thanks to 

neverend and The family of 

















To all I care of in the name 
of Love. 

To my beloved family and 

This one is for my husband. 

To my beloved MH. 

Thanks to H.S.H.,D.S.C., 

My lord 


Minchan Lee 

Taeboon Kwon 

Kwanghui Lee 

Youngsuk Lee 

Choonhyung Cheon 

Jaemi Lee 

Kunhyung Choi 

Jaeyoung Lee 

Sumin Cheon 

Jimin Cheon 

Hyunjun Choi 

Kim, Min-Jung & My 

To FNeo & JPtown 

UetoAya Gotomaki 

L'Arc en del GLAY Gackt 

Dream N Love 

May the force be with you. 

HAL02 - Mastercheif & 

My friend 'Handy' / and 
my father 


Teayeun Yoo 

Jiesang Song 

Yongbong Choi 

Jinguk Park 

Jungsic Park 

Ahnseok Kim 

Joonyoung Ahn 

Taehun Oh 

Jungsic Park 

Ilhawn Yoon 

Jakyung Jung 

Myungsoo Ryu 

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Hyungseob Kim 

Dongjun Min 

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Joon Hur 

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Henry Lee